The 3 Series has long been a popular choice for company motorists, BMW’s knack of delivering dutyfriendly emigrations numbers popular among those for whom yearly Benefit In Kind costs are a crucial buyingdecision.However, the duty benefits likely compensating for its advanced list price, though the line favourite 320d diesel remains in place, If that’s you the draw– in mongrel 330e will score for its low CO2 figure. There’s no electric 3 Series yet, though the i4 arguably fulfils that part if you want a purely battery– powered BMW of this type. If you ’re buying intimately do n’t reduction the six- cylinder M340d diesel or M340i petrol M Performance performances either – big machines may not be fashionable but our gests with the nearly affiliated M440i suggest indeed the important petrol machine can deliver effectiveness as emotional as its performance.

“The simplified range structure of just Sport and M Sport trims meanwhile bundles extras into easily understandable packages”

BMW is pushing ahead assertively with ‘ labour saving ’ robotization through its colorful motorist backing systems and the streamlined 3 Series includes numerous as standard. And some, like automated high– ray backing, you can retrospectively ‘ download ’ as cost options via the Connected Drive system. As standard the auto will decelerate itself if you do n’t respond to climbers, cyclists or other obstacles in your path and lane keeping and parking detectors are all standardUpgrade to Driving Assistant Professional for the full deal, up to and includingsemi-autonomous driving that will indeed ‘ prepare ’ to steer the auto into the inside lane if the nav knows you ’re coming off at the coming junction.

The 3 Series provides comfortable, cosseting and unashamedly ultraexpensive accommodation for those up front and in the external two hinder seatsBad luck if you ’re the fifth passenger, however, because the centre position on the hinder bench is lumpy and has limited leg– and headroom. In short, and keeping with tradition, a 3 Series gives its stylish to the motorist, with a low– slung and dégagé seating position and sense everything is geared to your benefit. Everything except lift comfort, that is. Sure, the 3 Series has always vended on sportiness but the suspense on the M Sport interpretation is unnecessarily stiff indeed on the fairly small 18- inch bus we tested it with and, while you may still be beaming, your passengers will be mugging. They ’ll thank you if you pay redundant for the adaptive mutes and choose the comfort mode as your dereliction, as we did with the M340i we also tested. It’s still enough firmhowever, and if you rack up a lot of long hauls you might find further peace in a Mercedes C- Class.