One of Japan’s & UK largest online car marketplace! where you can find everything from brand new to used cars, auto parts, etc.

Founded in 2015, World Crypto Cars is vehicle export company operating
globally. Based in Japan, we are one of the leading importers who export premium  vehicles to over 20 countries worldwide. We started by importing cars to Sri Lanka and expanded our business across Asia in 2017,  Since 2019, World  Crypto Cars has tended to export cars to the international market, We started Our business operations in African region countries in 2019. At present, we export cars to many countries including Europe.

DIMITHRI, President of WCC Motors

Our vision

Our vision is to help make vehicle purchases much easier with cryptocurrency and shape the future of car trading In achieving our vision we are committed to providing quality, reliable service to our customers while ensuring complete customer satisfaction

We accept bank transactions, credit card payments, cryptocurrency transactions, etc

Fast and easy worldwide shipping

We help customers make customs clearance in any country as frictionless as possible.

The vehicle inspection required by your country’s government can be done through us from UK or Japan .

We make car modifications as per your wish. Click here for more information.

From where to where

Vehicles from Japan the United Kingdom are increasingly being sold worldwide. To facilitate our customers, We have entered into joint ventures with tow companies in Japan and the United Kingdom ( Gtel LLC Japan & Autotradeuk.uk. United Kingdom ) are our partners. We export Japanese and Uk Vehicles mainly to Africa, Asia , South America.

Cryptocurrency transactions 

Adapting to the latest trend in the world, in 2020 we started accepting cryptocurrency as a paying method. With this new trend,  we realize that an excellent customer base is being created and the market is expanding. From this platform, we mainly intend to sell vehicles using cryptocurrency. We offer Customers the ability to use over 50 types of cryptocurrency for transactions.

We export high-quality Japanese and UK cars overseas at reasonable prices and we have made it possible for you to choose the vehicle of your choice from this website and buy it online. You can see a large number of current car models in the world through our website.  2000 used or company brand new vehicles of ours and our business associates. Visit our gallery here 

Dimithri Kchko
Chief Executive
+94 771020736dimithri@worldcryptocars.com
Sara Ren
Marketing Exective
+81 8045018130sara@worldcryptocars.com
Dimuthu Susantha
Marketing Manager
Email+94 761195859

World Crypto Cars investors

We look forward to joining hands with a business partner or an investor. If you are interested in our projects and would like to make rapid progress in the virtual business world we have given you a chance. We can introduce Road X, a car that we are planning to launch as our current project. And if you want to buy our company shares please visit world crypto cars investors.

World Crypto Cars Map

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